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The Halo Bolt-on System

The Halo Neck Bolt system on Tom Grant Acoustic Guitar
Halo Neck Bolt

Improving a Systemic Design Flaw

Talk to any luthier with experience in  acoustic guitar repair and they will tell you that neck resets are inevitable. Over time the tension of the strings can cause warping or failure of structural components, negatively impacting  the instrument's playability and sound. 

There are two design philosophies that confront this issue; the first is to reinforce all the structural components so the guitar can resist the string tension for 60+ years. The second is to build the guitar lightly and use a bolt on neck knowing it will need to be adjusted in the future. The Halo system utilizes both of these ideals by stabilizing the area near the neck joint while providing  improved adjustability

so that the remainder of the guitar's structure can be built as stiff or responsive as the luthier desires.  Coupled with a floating fingerboard extension, a Halo neck joint can be quickly assembled with precision that is traditionally only achievable through fine adjustment of the saddle and nut height.  The Halo system requires no tools, steam, or heat to remove the guitar's neck. This reduces many of the risks and costs associated with performing a neck reset, especially as the guitar ages. 

Feel free to contact me to learn more about my design philosophy and how the Halo system advances neck joint design. 

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