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Thos. Grant Edwards


Education: MBA Business Administration, Cairn University

                          Journeyman, Galloup School of Lutherie 

Hobbies:     Collecting watches, Volleyball, Making things

Bucket List: See the Northern Lights

                            Ride a motorcycle on Cannon Beach

                            Make a really good cheesecake 

Headshot of Thos. Edwards Tom Grant Guitars
Fingerboard inlays by Tom Grant Guitars

Why I Love My Job

Tom Grant Guitars

Guitars are amazing musical tools and were one of the first creative outlets I had when I began to explore the world of music.  While touring the C.F. Martin factory I learned that the skill and discipline required to be an exceptional guitarist was matched by the ingenuity and precision of the craftspeople who created instrument.  I set out to design and build better acoustic guitars that would inspire creativity as artistically beautiful objects and exceptional musical tools. This process has brough me into contact with many skilled luthiers who were kind enough to guide and instructed me as I refined my designs.  I have done my best to synthesize this body of knowledge into the guitars that I produce and currently offer three models of acoustic fingerstyle guitars.  My goal is to produce responsive and durable guitars that are appreciated by world class players and novices.  Along the way I hope to establish a platform to pass on what I learn to anyone who is interested in the wonderful world of guitar making.

Thos. Edwards

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