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Repair Services

Tom Grant Guitars is a full service repair shop with experience working on  vintage guitars. Each guitar is treated with the same care and attention to detail whether it needs a string change or has a broken headstock. 

Standard maintenance services are listed on the right however all repairs require a thorough inspection of the instrument before an estimate will be given. .  

Click Here to contact me about a repair, I try to respond the same day if I can. 


Standard Guitar Setup                                             $60

A setup is routine maintenance that keeps your guitar playing well.  A standard setup includes trussrod adjustment, nut/saddle height adjustment, intonation correction,  fret polish, and new strings. If your guitar is hard to play or goes out of tune as you move up the neck, this service can improve your playing experience. 


Advanced Guitar Set Up                                        $175

An advanced setup adds recrowning and polishing all the frets, making a new bone nut (and saddle for acoustic guitars) and shiming the neck of bolt on electric guitars.  This service is helpful if there are divots worn into the frets or the action has become unplayable. 


Refret                                                                 $50-200

A refret involves removing all the frets, leveling the fingerboard, and installing new frets. The cost varies if the fingerboard is bound or not, or if there are inlays that need to be worked around.  An advanced setup must be done in conjunction with a refret. 


Neck Reset                                                               $450+

A neck reset is is often the only option to save guitars that have become unplayable.  It involves removing the neck and recutting the neck joint to correct the neck angle. This is a highly skilled repair and I will need to asses the guitar's condition before any work begins.  An advanced setup must be done in conjunction with a neck reset. 

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