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Halo Neck Bolt for Acoustic Guitar
The Halo™  bolt-on system is a tool free neck joint that keeps guitars playing better longer 

  Innovation         Integrity            Inspiration

Every day, I start my work expecting to solve a problem or improve my products. The Halo bolt-on system is a result of that, however many innovations will not visibly manifest themselves in a completed guitar. They could be advancments in tooling, implimenting safer finish blends, or reducing the wasted byproducts of the building process. I have a responsability to impliment positive change in the world and continually innovating is a small part of doing that.

Integrity is consistantly adhereing to principles and values. It means I treat every client and every instrumet with the same respect. It means I do things the right way even if its the hard way. This permiates every part of my business and I hope it is evident as you interact with me and the guitars I make.

As a luthier my work is always subsidiary; a guitar by istself has no value without the skill of a musician. With that in mind I aim to provide a capable tool and also an object that inspires wonder and creativity. I build guitars that will inspire others to go further, to make a difference

Tom Grant Guitars Series III Guitar

Explore the current range of models to discover which one suits your playing style.

Inquire about specific tonewoods or custom inlay work for your next guitar

Guitar Repair

Whether your guitar needs a set up, a modification, or extensive repair work  my goal is to get you back to playing.  Click Here for a current price list.

Tom Grant Explaining Guitar Design

One of the driving principles of the Tom Grant Guitars brand is to share knowledge and skill with others so that individual achievements always contribute 

to the industry's  collective advancement

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